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Cleaning Tile , Stone , Floors , Showers , Counters can be a chore if you try to clean them yourself. Most of the time it doesn’t show a great result for your efforts. Then there is also sealing it. Which sealer to use for porcelain or Stone Or grout sealing ?

SilvCounter top Cleaning er Olas Tile Cleaning Is The Premier Tile Cleaning Company In San Diego

Silver Olas does high-quality work without the high price tag that you’d expect. We are a unique tile-cleaning company in San Diego. For instance, we use a tile-scrubbing machine to remove deeply embedded dirt and get it all out of that grout. We offer travertine polishing & cleaning, stone polishing, and we can even waterproof grout and stone with a stone sealer. It is vital that slate  cleaning is done with a machine because of how tricky dirt can be. It can get trapped in surface edges. Most companies don’t go that far. We offer slate sealing in several different sheens, and we can Stone Cleaning San Diegocustomize them with an enhancer sealer. You can enhance or darken color as much as you want. We offer an array of services like granite cleaning & sealing, grout cleaning, tile cleaning, shower cleaning, stone cleaning & polishing, and more. Just ask us if you need a related service. We probably offer it. Give us a call today!

Does Your Tile Cleaning Company Offer This?


  • Free cost estimate before you agree to work with us
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Sweep or vacuum dry soil
  • Organic tile cleaning that is 100% safe for your pets and children
  • We will hand-scrub every grout line
  • We will machine-scrub grout and tile
  • We will ensure your baseboards aren’t damaged
  • High-heat steam cleaning that is hot enough to disinfect
  • We use the best sealer available

How Do You Even Pick The Right Tile Cleaning Company In San Diego?


Tile Cleaning San DiegoFinding any tile-cleaning company in San Diego is easy. Finding the right tile-cleaning company in San Diego is a little harder. Let us save you a lot of time up-front. We are one of the best, if not the best, tile-cleaning company in the city. We have an attention to detail, a record of service, and a big customer base. We go the extra mile on every project.

We have a two-step process. We first use a Cimex scrubbing machine and then we go over it again with a thorough hand-scrubbing. Your tile floor will not only look clean – but brand new. It will be a true pleasure to look at your like-new tile floor.

We have put together a little mini-guide for you here that will help you in choosing a tile-cleaning company. We encourage you to call us first. We can give you a free cost estimate over the phone.

What To Look For In A Tile-Cleaning Company


Online Reputation: Any good tile-cleaning company will have worked on developing a really positive reputation online. Whether the company is big or small, they should have worked on their reputation. Google can help you out here. If a company is consistently doing a bad job, you’ll read about it online. Angry ex-customers will vent, rant, and express their anger about their experience with the company. If you don’t trust online reviews, check with the Better Business Bureau. It’s unlikely that you’ve had a friend who’s used them before, but recommendations from friends are great if you can get them. A great company will have great feedback.


Our customers are extremely happy with our high-quality service. Don’t take our word for it, though. You can read through more than 40 positive customer reviews on Customer Lobby. Customer Lobby is a third-party independent review site. Check out our feedback here: http://www.customerlobby.com/reviews/1618/silver-olas-carpet-care/


One easy way to evaluate companies is to check out Google Reviews and Yelp. Those review sites offer detailed information and rankings on a wide range of cleaning services in San Diego, CA. Those sites make it easy to find the perfect company for your specific job. You can narrow it down by equipment, duration, and price. Most tile-cleaning company websites offer a free automated quote to its prospective customers. You can also just call or email to get a more detailed answer, or to try to work out a discount.


If you’re having trouble navigating a tile-cleaning company website, almost any reputable company will have a phone line you can call. A good company should get back to you the same day, but you might have to leave a message and wait a day or two. When you get on the phone with a customer service representative, check out the quality of their customer service. It could tell you a lot about their company as a whole. It might seem like a small thing, but a great company has great service throughout.

What Services Do We Offer?


After you’ve narrowed down a few companies (hopefully we’re your #1), it’s time to delve into more detail about what they do specifically. You shouldn’t waste money because you’re misinformed. This guide will help you figure it all out.


Grout Cleaning: We can do grout cleaning on either old or new tiles, and we use only the best equipment. Companies that use bad equipment can end up damaging your interior or not doing a great job. We make a 100% ironclad guarantee that your tile or grout won’t be damaged. We will also do free maintenance on your tile and grout. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your tile and grout will look fabulous throughout the year. A lot of companies won’t go that far. We mean what we say when we say we go the extra mile on every project.


Stone Cleaning & Travertine Cleaning: Getting stone back to its original appearance can be very difficult, and the way to achieve it should be time-tested and proven. Working stone restoration techniques is much better than newfangled fancy equipment. Equipment manufacturers can promise to do it in half the time at a quarter of the cost, but those claims don’t usually hold up. A company that has been in the industry for years will have the technique, know-how, and experience to do a great job on your stonework.


 Silver Olas Tile Cleaning San Diego Is the answer!!

We offer a service that you can count on for cleaning tile, sealing grout, polishing stone floors, Sealing stone , Counter top cleaning and all types of hard surface cleaning.

We are one of the only companies in san diego that use tile scrubbing machine that removes deep embedded. call us now for any tile cleaning san diego. Always check local  reviews of the company doing tile cleaning or tile sealing to make sure you are getting  a reputable company with good history and feedback.