New Tricks for Grout Cleaner

Different Types and Uses of a Grout Cleaner

We lay tiles in our kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, walls and utility areas to make cleaning them easy and add a sparkling touch to our sweet nests. These tiles come in different dimensions and are fixed to each other using a mortar specially used for this purpose known as grout. This particular grout is made of a very fine substance useful in sealing tiles. This grout forms the lines between the tiles and is exposed to the harsh dirt and stains. Over a period, the color of grout changes due to the settlement of dirt, mould, stains etc. it is essential to clean the tiles and grout using a good grout cleaner to retain the sparkle on the tiles.

The first step to grout cleaning is to identify the type of grout to ascertain the class of grout cleaner to be used. The grout lining the tiles can dirty in many ways. Like for example in the kitchen it could be food stains, unattended water puddles, mold or a combination of all causing the filth. In the bathrooms, it could be mildew who is the culprit. Whatever the reason the muck has gathered and created a problem, which has to be solved. For this reason, there are grout cleaners available in the market. There are three different types of Ceramic grout cleaner namely generic, professional and household. The different types of grout cleaners are discussed below to give an overview about the entire process.

Household grout cleaner:

Simple household items can help clean the grout in the kitchen or bathroom when it is not very bad. Baking soda and vinegar are two very good cleaning agents, which can be used to clear the grime off the grout. A slime of baking soda can be applied to the grout lining for sometime before scrubbing it off with a brush and some water. This should work when the stains are not very deep. In case baking soda is not available then some vinegar can be mixed with water to make a diluted solution and sprayed on the dirty area before scrubbing the area clean. The cleaning has to be done with a brush and should be moved in circular directions rather than vertical as it helps removing the dirt more effectively. The tiles can then be washed with water and mopped dry.

Commercial grout cleaning Solution

This type of grout cleaner includes products, which can be purchased from any hardware store. In fact, nowadays some supermarkets also sell these products, which can be bought across the counter. These products specify the usage details on their bottles and they should be followed with utmost care. The commercial grout cleaner are usually a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and oxygen bleach. These acidic solutions trigger off some chemical reaction, which dissolves the dirt bon the grout. Make sure to buy a grout cleaner which is ph balanced so that the cleaner does not erode the tile surface. However, even most of these commercial grout cleaner require the use of scrubbers and brushes to get them sparkling like before. The use of warm water would be a better alternative as against cold water as it helps dissolve the filth faster and better.

Generic grout cleaner:

These are the mild bases available in the market, which can be used as a cleaning agent. These generic grout cleaners usually work on the principle where you have to apply the cleaning agent on the affected grout and leave it for some time to absorb the dirt. The area can then be brushed or scrubbed clean with warm water. In case you are using a toothbrush, make sure to use a new brush, as the bristles will be stiff and not flimsy. This will help clean the area in a better manner. The generic grout cleaners are usually safe to use as they are not very harsh on the tiles and do not corrode the entire tiling.

Whatever the type of Stone grout cleaner you use one golden rule applies to all of them and that is patience. A little bit of patience and perseverance while cleaning the grout can sure help, get back sparkling tiles. In case you are not able to clean the filth from the grout on your own, there is always the option of hiring professional grout cleaners. These people are experienced in the field and help you clear your house of all they filth and grime accumulated on the tiles over the years.