How To Seal Grout

Effective ways to seal grout

A well maintained home would mean neat sealing of the grout in the tiles camouflaging any dirt or stains accumulated over a period. Sealing grout is certainly no rocket science but needs to be sealed in the right manner for a problem free life. It is very essential to buy good quality products from reputed stores in order to seal the grout in the best possible manner. The best way to acquire best quality grout sealers from the store would be to do sufficient research on the sealers before actually making the purchase. A good way of buying quality grout sealers would be to ask the persons working in the store about the quality of the product before actually making the purchase.

Sealing GroutThe first step towards grout sealing would be to ensure that the tiles and grout are free of any kind of stains or dirt accumulated along the lines.The Grout and tile must be clean in order to seal  The stains or dirt needs to be cleaned first before the actual process of grout sealing as otherwise the stains would leave a permanent impression on the tiles even after the process of sealing the grout is over. You can make use of a good grout stain remover from the market for the purpose. Only after you have ensured that the grout has been cleaned to the last bit of dirt should you proceed to the process of grout sealing.

Use of a solvent grout sealer would be preferred over a water based grout sealer as the solvent base would seep deep into the grout of the tiles and enable easy and efficient application while compared to the ones with a water base. Another important point to be kept in mind while using a grout sealer to seal the grout in the tiles would be to take proper care of your skin and wearing of vinyl gloves is suggested when you undertake the mission of sealing grout. After applying one coat of the grout sealer make sure that you wait for approximately ten minutes before reapplication after the sealer has sunk into the grout. The process should be repeated continuously in the same manner until the grout is filled with the sealer and there is no more space for the sealer to seep.

Any kind of extra sealing agent smudged onto the tile or the lines should be removed immediately to ensure a neat and clean look. Any kind of sealing agent left on the surface of the tile would make the tile look messy and the grout lines look rugged. In case the grout sealer has dried up you can use a little wet rag to clean the surface until sparkling clean. Another important point to be noted while sealing grout would be to clean the tiles and mop it before beginning the process of grout sealing. Any water on the surface of the tiles should be dried completely before application of the grout sealer, as the presence of water would hinder the process of grout sealing.After sealer is dry ,resume regular tile cleaning

Stone SealingWhile choosing a good grout sealer when you choose a color grout sealer it would benefit you in many ways as this kind of grout sealer would be odorless and would also cover up any kind of minor stains adorning the grout. It is also waterproof and quite durable in the end, which in turn decreases the maintenance costs involved. While grout sealing can be done by you, it would be suggested to leave the job to the professionals as they would be experienced in the field and would do a neat and tidy job. Therefore, go ahead and make the best choice of grout sealers top seal the grout in your tiles.