Cleaning Travertine Floors

In this article I am going to give you tips and techniques on how to clean travertine stone. Travertine is definitely beautiful stone but it requires special treatment. First you should know that travertine is natural stone but it is not as hard as granite or marble. There is no problem with travertine when it comes durability and it will last long for you. Travertine can be damaged with acidic substances like wine or coffee. Be careful with those liquids because it is easy to dull the polished travertine tiles.It actually will etch the stone, or burn the finish off .

You should know that travertine and marble are stones in very similar composition and chemical and physical characteristics. Obviously the maintenance and cleaning procedures for both stones are similar.

Practical travertine tile cleaning tips. In case someone spills acid substance (wine, coffee, juice etc.) clean it immediately. Do regular cleaning with usage of sponge, hot water and specially formulated stone cleaner. You can also use dry and clean dust-mop. Remember to do not use vinegar, lemon or orange to cleaning travertine tiles – those are dangerous acid substances.

The Best way for maintaining travertine stone floors is to first do dry soil removal. That is sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush bottom vacuum head as to not scratch the stone . Remember, travertine is soft.Next use a neutral stone safe cleaner and

Stone Sealingspray down the area you want to clean. Just a light misting is enough. Using a clean lightly damp microfiber on a swiffer and  go over the stone floor. Steam mops like the shark can also do well in maintaining the stone floors.These steam mops use hot steam to loosen dirt and sanitize and the microfiber or cotton towels absorb the dirt. After a section is done, rinse out the pad and or grab a clean one.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners or cleaning personnel do is to use a bucket and mop. The Bucket is a bigger problem then the mop. After the first dunk , the water is dirty and then the next area mopped gets dirty water spread around on it. This is the biggest and most common mistakes for travertine cleaning

Professional Travertine Stone Cleaning work 012

From time to time , expert stone cleaning and sealing is needed. Over time , the little holes in the stone floors will fill up with dirt along with the grout areas. A Expert cleaner  will scrub the stone floors along with the soiled holes and grout usually by hand and machine.Example: Travertine Cleaning process in San Diego . Then they will steam clean the stone floors with hot water at high pressure that will rinse the dirt off the stone. Stone Sealer is recommended every 3 to 4 years.