Porcelain Tile Cleaning

How To Clean Porcelain Tile

What are porcelain tiles?

All of us have heard of porcelain tiles.  These are available in varied sizes, colours and finishes.  The greatest advantage of installing porcelain tiles is that it is easier to maintain and clean them.  It is important to ensure that you keep the tile neat and clean.  Simply use a moist cloth and wipe it off to remove dirt and dust that have accumulated.  A mixture of vinegar and water will help get rid of even stubborn stains.  This vinegar solution is a perfect home based cleaning agent and you can make and store these in plastic containers.

Some of the readymade cleaners that are available in the market are harsh and may cause staining or dullness of your porcelain tiles.  However, if you are using good quality cleaners, make sure to follow the instructions carefully and correctly.  Homeowners choose porcelain tiles for their kitchen flooring, bathrooms and so on, thanks to the durability factor.  It is ideally used in high traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchen floors.  Keep mopping the floor tiles to ensure it remains sparkling clean.

If your porcelain tile has slowly started appearing grubby, you can adopt some simple tips to make it get back to its sheen.  The latest models of porcelain floor tiles are polished finishes, textured ones and unpolished ones.

Cleaning your porcelain tiles

Simple tips on how to clean your porcelain tiles are as below:

First and foremost, try removing the debris by sweeping your floor well.  Use a non bleaching cleaning solution and mix it in luke warm water and use it to mop your floor. For tough stains, use enough water to mop it.  It is important to use a soft brush with tough bristles to remove the grub that has stuck to the grout and the tile.  Once you have wet mopped it with enough water, the next step is to use a rung out mop for removing any remaining cleaning residue.

Maintaining your porcelain tilesporcelain tile cleaning

Generally, porcelain tiles need to be vacuumed and swept well atleast two times weekly.  The basic method of cleaning the porcelain tiles remain the same.  You need to apply the cleaning solution and use hot water for cleaning.  In case of tough stains, check out for good quality stain removing cleaners.  Cleaning of polished tiles is easier as you only need to mop it using a wet cloth and later a dry mop may be used. When cleaning the porcelain tiles, stick to one particular direction.  The other method is to go in for diagonal cleaning of tiles.  You may use neutral cleaning solutions for removal of dirt and grime.When your regular cleaning methods are not getting desired results , a Professional Tile Cleaning Company  would be able to restore your floor tile. Of course this costs more than doing it yourself, however, they have the right equipment for getting the grout and tile much cleaner with their big steam cleaner.

The method of cleaning and the cleaning material used will vary depending on the quality and cost of the porcelain tiles. If the tiles are expensive, you need to choose good quality cleaners, lest it may lead to scratches on the tiles.  These simple tips will surely help your tiles to remain glossy and long lasting.

The right method to clean polished porcelain tiles

Every homeowner would want to go in for polished porcelain tiles as they lend sheen and look attractive.  However, the only drawback of polished porcelain tiles is that it attracts dirt and grime and hence one would have to maintain it really well.  Walking with wet shoes on polished tiles will attract dirt and if not scrubbed immediately, will stain your flooring.  A good quality cleaning solution that is soap based is the best. Try and scrub the flooring and later rinse with plain water and drop mop it to lend a sparkling look.  Another effectual way is to use a detergent, preferably a mild one as it helps get a cleaner finish.

The right method to clean unpolished as well as textured porcelain tiles

As compared to polished tiles, cleaning the textured and unpolished ones calls for more work and effort.  The dirt, dust and grime get accumulated within the pockets and the tiles appear dirty and murky.  Hence, the dirt needs to be loosened by cleaning it with hot water and a commercial cleaner.  Leave the cleaning solution for five to ten minutes, so that it loosens up the dirt and grime. Later, you may use a tough brush for cleaning to pull out trapped dirt.  Wash away the extra soap solution and rinse with water to remove stains if any.

Do’s and Dont’s for porcelain tile cleaning

Porcelain tiles that have been subjected to tough and harsher chemicals will appear dull and worn out.  Hence, make sure to use only mild detergents and cleaning solutions.  Bleaches, acids and ammonia are not porcelain tile friendly and it could damage the tile as well.  Unglazed porcelain tile flooring will attract stains quickly and hence one needs to be careful when handling things and liquids.

The beauty of porcelain tiles

All of us will agree that the beauty and sophistication extended by porcelain tiles is simply marvelous.  It is available in a variety of colours and shades and suits every home décor. They lend value to your home and lend a feeling of freshness when used in kitchens and bathrooms.  If you want your bathroom or kitchen to look bigger, go in for light shaded porcelain tiles.  There is a plethora of designs and colours to choose from as there is a good market for these tiles.   Similarly, these tiles are comparatively cheaper as against granite and marble. As they are scratch resistant, they can be ideally laid in kitchens.

As they can easily be swabbed, they are hygienic as well.  There are a number of shops that sell these tiles.  You may also want to browse the internet online and go through the reviews about these tiles.  If you intend renovating your entire home with these tiles, you can always check out for wholesalers as you can procure them cheaper.

Laying porcelain tiles

Having spent money procuring these tiles, it makes sense hiring a reputed and experienced floor layer who will do a perfect job.  The method of laying porcelain tiles is important so that there are fewer gaps and it looks perfect.  Tiles that have been laid properly will last a lifetime.   If it has not been laid property, it will start breaking up and becoming hollow.  This simply means extra cost and effort.  As these tiles are versatile in appearance, care needs to be given even when laying it so that the final job looks perfect.  You may choose to fit in wood finish porcelain tiles in your bathroom or kitchen as it looks very stylish and trendy.  Thus the three qualities of porcelain tiles that are sophistication, beauty and elegance have made it quite popular amongst homeowners.

Choosing the right flooring for your home

There is a wide range to choose from when it comes to flooring.  However, the homeowner needs to identify the right flooring that is not only tough and durable but also appears aesthetically beautiful and attractive.

Every homeowner wants their home to look elegant and beautiful and needs appreciation for the way they have maintained their home.  Choosing the right tiles is the first step towards making your home look good.  Flooring is the most important criterion when it comes to home renovation.  Hence, you need to plan well and do a thorough research before you settle for floor tiles, painting and so on.  Gone are the days when mosaic tiles were in trend.  These were inferior in quality as compared to porcelain tiles.  There is nothing to beat the elegance of porcelain tiles. It is now possible to choose from wide variety of porcelain tiles, be it rusty look, bright look and shiny look.  You need to decide what would look good in your home.

You may want to hire professional services of an interior designer for getting more ideas on porcelain tiles.  They will also be able to guide you on cleaning porcelain tiles.Stone Floor Cleaning  info can be found on out stone cleaning page.

Other practical uses of porcelain tiles

In addition to floor tiles, porcelain tiles can also be used on walls as they look good and they are easy to maintain as well.  These tiles also have enough density, hardness and are non porous in nature.  They can stand tough extremes of weather and hence has become quite a popular choice.

Installation and removal of these tiles is easier and good quality porcelain tiles are maintenance free.  People visiting your home are surely going to appreciate you for the choice of tiles.